We’ve been thinking up and implementing imaginative marketing ideas for SMEs for more years than we’d like to mention. And we get results – whether it’s helping our clients win new business with engaging web copy, email marketing, leaflets, brochures or newsletters; showcasing their business to new and existing customers by earning media coverage; joining in the conversation on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn; or even winning recognition for their work with our persuasive award submissions. Semaphore is your ready-made PR and marketing department – on-hand, online and fully and wholeheartedly invested in the success of our clients.


This works on two levels.  We get to know and understand your business and the market in which you operate and then we use that information to come up with ideas that will make a real difference.  We also pride ourselves on our ability to hijack the news agenda for the benefit of our clients.  So our clients know that we’re keeping a watching brief for ways in which they can make the most of what’s going on in the news – whether that’s by passing information to their customers to underline their credibility or adding to the debate on social media, forums and through blog posts and newsletters.


It’s great when things are going well but what about when they go wrong?  Issues with customer service, delivery, problems with staff – these can all very easily end up in the public domain.  Whether it’s on social media or in the press.  When that happens a safe pair of hands is required and we have those. At Semaphore, we’ve managed the communications around HR issues, put plans in place for press statements and customer letters in case situations leak and we’ve kept a client out of the national press through careful work with the journalist.  But you’ll have to take our word for it because we really can’t tell you about it!


The Semaphore team primarily comprises Emma and Vicky who, between them, are experts at making words work.  They love a pun, a clever turn of phrase and an attention-grabbing headline and pride themselves on getting their clients’ message across in a fun and engaging way.  Whether they’re producing web content, email marketing material, blog posts, brochures, leaflets or adverts.  But there’s more.  We also have longstanding and well-established working relationships with some likeminded local firms to add to the scope of the service we can provide. These include a web developer, social media manager, graphic designer, printer and photographer.