Christmas provides businesses with an opportunity to do something nice by way of thanking customers who’ve supported you through the year.

For those whose clients are other businesses it’s a bit trickier now that people aren’t necessarily office based. But we thought we’d put our Christmas thinking caps on to give you some top tips for festive ‘thankyous’ that will also keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Christmas cards 

Still a lovely way to touch base with clients before the end of the year. And a great opportunity to convey your brand personality. We often work with print experts Zulu Graphix, who have produced a range of really creative and reasonably priced cards for us and our clients in the past.

That said, there is the environmental impact to think about, so do consider recycled paper. Or finding a dual purpose for your card to give it longevity.  We once received a fabulous card from a fitness trainer who’d incorporated an advent calendar which revealed a set of exercises to keep her clients fit over the festive season.

Perhaps your business lend itself to doing something creative with the shape or format of your card? Who wouldn’t complete the task if they received something that required a little bit of origami to transform it into something fun?

Zulu Graphix MD, Lindie Van As said: “In addition to a variety of recycled paper options, we can also supply plantable cards made on seed paper.  Which is a lovely touch.

“There are some lovely pre-designed options. But be warned – these get VERY pricey if you’re looking for something bespoke!”


In our opinion, it’s difficult to beat a chocolate gift. Please see our team page for our personal favourites! But apparently other gifts are available and it’s worth firing up the imagination to find something that will make you stand out to your customers.

Living through the pandemic gave many of us new hobbies and a fresh appreciation for the simpler things in life. So, think plants, seeds, herbs and desktop gardens.  Coffee and tea blends and hot chocolate kits. Or how about self-heating mugs? Consider whether there’s something that’s relevant to your business. Water bottles from fitness trainers perhaps? Especially with the current ongoing energy crisis.

A charity donation is also a lovely thing. Pick a charity that aligns with your values, tell your clients all about it and explain that you’ve donated on their behalf. You can even update them on how the money has been spent later in the year (which provides a useful extra touchpoint!).


Thanking customers at Christmas doesn’t have to be costly. A carefully crafted piece of email marketing can often do the trick. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the year or maybe announce new year plans. But try to keep light and perhaps a little humorous.

Think about what your audience might like to receive rather than using it as an opportunity to hit them over the head with too many sales and marketing messages. Do you have anything useful to impart in relation to the festive season? Five top tips for defusing conflict if you’re a psychologist? Or three stocking filler ideas for the car enthusiast from a garage? Another idea is to share content from your team — Christmas biscuit recipes, suggestions for making sprouts more appealing and so on!

The win-win

How about thanking customers with a bit more you?! If you’ve got plans to launch a new product or service, maybe you could offer a time-limited discount? Massage therapists — could you tack on a free head massage to their next treatment for clients who buy gift vouchers for friends at Christmas? If January is a slow month for your company, then consider using your Christmas marketing to drive business to the first month of the year. Hairdressers could offer a free conditioning treatment to those booking a cut in January, for example?

So, there you have four ideas for consideration in the run up to the season to be jolly. Here at Semaphore we can help plan and produce an appropriate festive thank you for your clients. Just get in touch. We ho-ho-hope to hear from you!