Do you have a plan or strategy for communicating with your staff?  As your businesses develop and teams grow it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day.  Or in planning for the future of the business, setting budgets and reviewing progress.  But it’s important that everyone working in the business knows ‘the plan’ too.  Especially if some of them work off site or are out on the road.  And communicating effectively with your team brings many benefits:


If you have goals or targets for the business then tell your team.  Explaining your thinking and what you’re trying to achieve makes the team feel part of the process.  And getting regular updates on how their efforts are contributing to progress will motivate them – especially if there’s some sort of incentive!


It is often the front-line staff (and sometimes the most junior ones) who have the most contact with your customers.  So, if they’re up to speed with company developments and plans they will be better placed to effectively promote the company, communicate about forthcoming promotions or new products and possibly upsell as a result. Also, ensuring that all members of your team are knowledgeable about industry developments keeps them informed and enables them to engage confidently and professional on the company’s behalf.


Having an effective plan in place for communicating regularly with staff promotes an open culture and encourages discussion (communication is a dialogue after all!).  In turn, this fosters an atmosphere which allows for sharing ideas and knowledge.

If you think that your team could benefit from a structured communications plan then we’d be happy to talk through the options.   Or you can have a look at our staff communications page.  Plus, we’d be pleased to chat over coffee at our lovely new office – just drop us an email.