Gaining editorial coverage for your business is a brilliant way of reaching a wider audience, building brand awareness and demonstrating thought leadership. Whether it’s in a newspaper, magazine or website, seeing your name ‘in print’ can also help put you in front of the people that matter to your business, potentially more effectively than many other kinds of marketing.

Rather than just promoting products or services, editorial coverage is a way to attract and educate potential customers in your target market in a way that helps them know, like and trust you enough to pay for your product or service.

It adds value and credibility and can give you a competitive edge.

‘How does it all work?’, we hear you ask!

Working closely with our clients we decide what publications we want to target and tailor the copy with the specific editor, journalist and their readership in mind. We write compelling press releases that are newsworthy and tell the story in an absorbing manner. We then reach out to our contacts in the publishing industry, to secure a spot in their publications and programmes.

At Semaphore PR, gaining editorial coverage is something that pride ourselves on. In fact, over the past few years, we have solidified connections in the local area and beyond. And we have gained exposure for our clients in a range of local, trade and national publications.

These include: Balance Magazine, Bloomberg, Business Insider, HR Magazine, South East Business, the Metro and more