So much happened in 2020 that there’s a good chance that your business website is now a little…well 2019!  And we don’t just mean an absence of face masks or social distancing in your photography!   

The look, feel, and functionality of your website is important of course.  Plus, how quickly it loads and whether it’s mobile friendly.  But it’s the content that can really make or break site when it comes to attracting new customers. And refreshing your web copy can be a cost-effective way to elevate your site and set you apart from your competitors.  But if that’s not enough to persuade you then here’s five more good reasons to put a content review on the agenda this month:   


The pandemic is ongoing and we’re now starting to understand the full impact of Brexit on businesses.  With no mention of world affairs on your website it can make your business look out of touch and unrelatable.  Referencing recent events  even in passing – reassures customers that your site (and therefore your business) is current.  Although do be wary of those ‘we are open/closed/COVID compliant type banners that just sit on the top of your home page – they often distract from the design of the site and look temporary but prove permanent/long term!  


Many companies have changed the way they operate and even the services they provide. Your website needs to reflect the most up to date offering of your business.  That’s in terms of the latest information about your products and services but also pricing and team profiles.  If you’ve introduced new solutions on the back of recent events, then consider featuring these prominently on the site.  Customers want to see that you’ve been responsive to what’s going on in the world. 


Search engines thrive on good content that is regularly updated.  But it does need to be both those things.  An easy win when it comes to new content is a blog.  It can be a powerful marketing tool to drive users to your website and provides a great platform for you to establish your business as an industry expert and a good source of reliable, relevant and relatable information. Aiming for one blog per month is a good start and this responsibility can be shared around the team.  Or even outsourced (!).  At Semaphore we work with a fabulous array of businesses to create beautiful blogs.  And we love learning about new things and then writing about them in a way that appeals to your target market. 


If your website content has been up for more than a couple of years, then it might date to a time when websites were more promotional than functional.  And that was great at the time.  But customers now expect more from their online experiences.  And they expect it quickly and easily.  Which means it’s important to signpost what actions you want visitors to your site to take and where they can get more information.  And that needs to be done in a clear and engaging way. 


It’s often falls to the business owner to writthe web copy when a site first goes live.  And they frequently do a great job. But when you work in a business it’s not always easy to take the necessary step back to produce content that’s going to engage your customers.  There can be a tendency to focus on the features of the company’s products and services, rather than the benefits or solutions.  And it’s these that are likely to prompt customers to buy from you.  A fresh pair of eyes – preferably ones that are familiar with  writing copy – can  revitalise your website. 

With facetoface meetings, networking, conferences and so on off the agenda, your website is truly your shop window right now.  But we’re thinking Selfridges at Christmas rather than the Old Curiosity Shop that sparks no curiosity at all.   

At Semaphore we specialise in helping businesses stand out from the crowd – and writing creatively crafted search engine friendly web copy is one way of doing this. We have a range of marketing packages available, and we’re always happy to discuss ideas and possibilities. So, please do get in touch if your web copy needs a makeover.